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Oz Noy

It Takes Three to Tango:

It was November 13th at around 9:45 pm when Dave Weckl went into a drum solo towards the end of their set. I liked feeling the anticipation of waiting for Oz Noy and Hadrien Feraud to come back in and continue playing. They were so laid back as they stood on stage watching Dave and after meeting Oz Noy, he was exactly that. I got to follow him around as he packed up his gear and mingled with some of his fans.

Empress: How did you three meet?

Oz Noy: I can’t remember how I met Dave but I have know him for a long time maybe over ten years maybe twelve years now. We did a lot of tours together, Hadrien I knew him for a long time, and the last couple years we played here and there and then this year I played on his record.

Empress: I heard Dave banged his hand up today is he alright?

Oz Noy: It was yesterday, he’s pretty tough.

Empress: It got stuck in the trunk?

Oz Noy: It was the van door, I wasn’t there but man…

Oz Noy: I wanted to be a drummer so my mom was already looking for a drum teacher for me when I was a kid and then I don’t know what happened but I had a friend of mine that was studying guitar and he told me, “Hey come study guitar at least come for a lesson with my teacher.” And I went and I don’t even remember it being anything special but I kept going, I don’t know why. That was it, but then you know I listened to a lot of Beatles so there’s a lot of guitars in The Beatles and my brother had a friend that was already playing guitar and he used to come and play Beatles songs so I think that’s what kept me going you know.

Empress: The feeling stayed right to stick with it? It was just one of those things?

Oz Noy: Yeah I never thought about doing something else I just did it and that was it.

Empress: So, you grew up on heavy metal? Were you into that in the beginning?

Oz Noy: I was into that totally, I grew up in the eighties I can’t say I grew up on it but it was a part of my life. I love that shit.

Empress: What were some of the bands that you were into?

Oz Noy: I wasn’t into the heavy heavy stuff, I liked Van Halen, David Lee Roth, I liked a lot of the shredder guitar players because I grew up in the eighties.

Empress: Cory Glover’s part on Little Wing did you always want to work with him?

Oz Noy: Well I have known him for a while but when I needed a singer the bass player said, “Why don’t you call Cory so that’s what we did.”

Empress: What’s after this? Where are you guys headed?

Oz Noy: We’re going to Yakima it’s around Seattle and then to Portland.

Empress: And if you weren’t playing music?

Oz Noy: I have no idea what I would do.

To check out more about Oz Noy please visit his website:

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Rocky Greenleaf

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