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Doors open 5PM | Show starts at 6PM

Up to two students free with adult ticket purchase

General Admission:

$20 General Admission | $10 VJS Members


Table Reservation:

Front Row Table $140
4 Seats Per Table ($35 per seat)


Bandleader, Steve Snyder, trained from the middle 50’s through middle 60’s with major big band drummers in Hollywood, CA where he was born and grew up. Throughout the mid 60’s through the early 70’s, he played in rock bands throughout all the Sunset Strip Clubs and other major venues throughout Hollywood and Southern California. In the early 70’s Steve worked for Sitmar Cruises as a Cruise Director and entertainer. As major big bands came through on tour, Steve was fortunate to sit in on drums for a few tunes with each band that came aboard. He is reluctant to say the names of the bands because he doesn’t like showing off, like all the players in his big band.

“One night as I was introducing our players, I spoke about who they have played with. And they all told me later not to mention who they played with because it is embarrassing. So I created the “about” section on our website. All true! I look at it often and always blown away at the talent we have.”

These big band experiences re-ignited his big band and jazz background training. And Steve hasn’t looked back since playing in big bands in Southern California and here in Northern California. In the summer of 2010, Steve started inviting players to regular rehearsals to organize his own big band. And tonight Steve Snyder presents his big band, the Lafayette Studio Big Band playing music from yesterday through today and beyond.

Steve Deutsch, Donald Pallotta, Dan Willis, John Lundgren, Dr. Robert Kaplan

John Buschiazzo, Tim Walker, Rob Callahan, Hobab Olivas

John Christensen, Eric Eidbo, Tom DaSilva, Bob Branco

Rhythm Section:
Piano – Karen Weichert, Bass – Allen Hopkins, Drums – Steve Snyder