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Doors open 2PM | Show starts at 3PM

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The Creature
A FREE screening of a staged play by Trevor Allen
Directed by Rob Melrose
James Carpenter as The Creature
Gabriel Marin as Victor Frankenstein
Garth Petal as Captain Walton

Recorded before a live audience by special permission from AFTRA and AEA at the Thick House Theatre in San Francisco November 7, 2009 by Black Box Theatre .Com

No green skin, no neckbolts–this is an elegant, presentational production based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Told from the Creature’s point of view and juxtaposing the stark first years of his existence with the scientist’s denial of his creation, THE CREATURE breathes new life into this timeless supernatural tale in a fugue-like cacophony of horror, revenge, and redemption.

“Allen strips away almost two centuries of stage and one of film melodrama to get to the heart of Shelley’s 1818 novel. He mixes and matches its three narrators’ stories to bring out the thematic parallels between the hubris of Frankenstein’s attempt to create life and Captain Walton’s polar expedition, and their contrast with the Creature’s simple need for love. It’s Allen, though, who’s skillfully reassembled the body parts to build this monster. ”
-Robert Hurwitt, Theatre Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle

LINK to review: https://www.sfgate.com/performance/article/The-Creature-freshens-up-Frankenstein-3212092.php