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6PM Doors and opening reception with music at the Empress Lounge next door to the Theatre

Show starts at 8PM

General Admission:

Single Day Pass: $25 | 5-Day Festival Pass: $75 (Discounted: $15/event)


Table Reservation:

Front Row Table $200
4 Seats Per Table ($50 per seat)


Event Info

Summer of Love Festival 2017 – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love

The Summer of Love is a celebration of the original “Human Be-In” held in San Francisco in 1967 promoting the principles of Peace, Love and Compassion. This event is considered by many to be the birth of the counter-culture and the spark that ignited the 60’s Hip movement; which took the world by storm. Presidents were impeached and wars were stopped, a sea of humanity stood up and said “Hell No”. This pivotal moment was the start of many earth-shattering events and a mass spiritual awaking that inspired the Peace Movement, Anti-War Movement, The Environmental Movements, Gay Rights Movement, Women’s Movement etc all having their start and taking hold during this period.

Lorin Rowan’s Deep Blue Jam

Lorin Rowan’s Deep Blue Jam

Americana Rock World Jazz Bluzegrass Jam Band. Deep Blue Jam band founded by veteran musicians Lorin Rowan & Kirk Casey showcasing their songwriting/mandolin/ guitar based Americana ‘Bluezgrass’ roots. Band Members: Lorin Rowan, Kirk Casey, Eric McCann, Matt Willis, Kenneth Nash.

Grateful Bluegrass Boys

Grateful Bluegrass Boys is a string band that plays traditional Bluegrass versions of Classic Rock favorites from bands such as the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Eagles, Rolling Stones and more. These songs, combined with classic Bluegrass and Country tunes, consistently have audiences singing and dancing along the whole show!

Grateful Bluegrass Boys Bio’s


Lorin Rowan’s Deep Blue Jam

Grateful Bluegrass Boys