Heartless – Tribute to Heart
Magicman Tour 2018
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Doors open 7PM | Show starts at 8PM

General Admission:

$20 Online | $25 Phone & Box Office


Table Reservation:

Front Row Table $140
4 Seats Per Table ($35 per seat)


Event Info

Ann and Nancy Wilson forever changed the rock n’ roll landscape in 1975 with hard hitting guitars and soaring vocals. That power and passion continues with Heartless, the Premier Tribute to Heart. Heartless gives you the thrill of falling in love with the music of Heart all over again. Experience it!

Heartless takes you back to the first time you heard ”Magic Man” on the radio and you needed more! Lots MORE!

Every Heartless concert is packed with the songs fans love and delivered as a fantastic, authentic musical journey from the diamond waves of Dreamboat Annie and the fury of Barracuda in the 70’s, to power ballads like Alone and What About Love in the 80’s. Truly a testament to the six talented and versatile musicians that deliver the sound, spirit, and all live energy of the original band, Heart.

For the second year in a row, Heartless has been nominated as “Sacramento’s Best Tribute Band”, by the Sacramento News & Review newspaper. Here are some things people have said about Heartless:

“Their goal is being the premier tribute to Heart, and they have succeeded…(Heartless) has made our list as one of the Best Tribute Bands In The World”
Jordonna Lobese (Goldstar Rocks Magazine)

“You guys seem to have the beat of the ‘Heart’ down well. The thing about tribute bands, is the devil lies in the details..pretty damn good!” – Claude Schnell (Dio) “(Heartless) nails it like nobody’s business!”
Ken Rudolph – Anchorman KMAX – CBS Television

“I was beyond shocked to hear this phenomenal band! I was literally beyond words to describe how damn awesome they are!” – Maureen McCarthy (former road manager for Melissa Etheridge) “Amazing!”
Lynda Mortensen (promoter- Bay Area Tributes)

“When it comes to tribute bands, this is one of the best tribute bands I’ve ever seen! The do an amazing job of covering the 70’s and 80’s era of Heart. They capture the sound and feel of Heart exactly. Their versions of Barracuda and Crazy On You will wow you. The singer sounds so much like Ann Wilson, it’s freaky. This band is the ultimate salute to the music of Heart , and is a must see for any Heart fan!”
Lamont Hollywood. Co-host of Lamont And Tonelli Show, 107.7 The Bone

Band Members:

Linda Boudreau – vox, percussion;
Gail Eaton – guitars, vox, mandolin;
Jim Coyne – lead guitar;
Brett Minkin – keyboards, vox;
Dan Morais – bass, vox;
Kevin Seymour – drums.

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