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Doors open 7PM | Show starts at 8PM

Tickets: $35 Orchestra, $30 Loge, $25 General Admission in Upper & Lower Balcony

Reserved Seating:

Orchestra $35 | Loge $30

Table Reservation:

Front Row Table $150
4 Seats Per Table ($37.50 per seat)

General Admission:

Lower & Upper Balcony: General Admission $25
GA is first come, first served

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Introduction to Jamaica Farewell-The Play

I have great memories of growing up in my beloved Jamaica and am extremely grateful for my rich culture and heritage. From the age of seven I dreamed of seeing America with its theme parks, candy stores, and terrific skyscrapers that pierce the sky. My father was an alcoholic and a gambler, so life was tumultuous and particularly unpredictable, especially when he got bad cards in poker. When he lost big, they came and picked up all our furniture. My mom blamed it on the devil, my grandma blamed it on my mom, and I just imagined myself away from it all, sitting somewhere in Disneyworld next to Cinderella.

When I was a seventeen-year old secretary in Kingston, me and my passion for America bumped into handsome Jack Wallingsford over a bowl of oxtail soup on my lunch break. It was during the turbulent seventies of the Manley Era that I saw my chance; a pinhole of opportunity that I could squeeze through with the help of love-struck Mr. Wallingsford. I began a dangerous adventure that only the single-minded passion of a teenage girl would chance. The boundary between bravery and foolishness blurred as I became more desperate. When I agreed to smuggle a large sum of cash to a mysterious contact somewhere in Miami, I got Jack to help me. Only he had no idea.

Many Americans have no conception of the barriers that lie in the way of immigrants who try to get to America from third world countries. We actually have a better chance of getting to the moon. Because the reward is great, however, we are willing to take tremendous risks. Unlike Jamaica, where an individual’s class and economic background invokes certain predestination, in America, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Though the same success does not await every deserving newcomer, it is the intoxicating hope that lures people across oceans.

Jamaica, Farewell – The Play is a one woman play based on the story of my journey from Jamaica to America during the Manley Era. I wrote it because it encapsulates one of the most adventurous, defining moments of my life.


Oscar Winning Producer Jeremy Thomas to produce the Jamaica Farewell Movie

Jamaican-bred, Los Angeles-based actress Debra Ehrhardt is a storyteller who can fill up empty space with the sheer power of her exuberant storytelling  ~ CHICAGO SUN TIMES

A combination of spy thriller and slapstick comedy..Ehrhardt is an excellent storyteller and monologist! ~ CREATIVE LOAFING, Atlanta

Debra Ehrhardt possesses a rare ability to mesmerize that would have kept ancient Grecians sitting around the fire for hours. ~ WASHINGTON POST

Winning! The evening’s real pleasure is simply Ehrhardt herself, She’ s got it going on, living every day like Independence Day. ~ LA TIMES

Powerful…with wit and a melodic Jamaican lilt, Ehrhardt proves to be an entertaining and charming raconteur. ~ THE NEW YORKER

Fantastic! An emotional journey th at does full justice to the drama of her life-changing off-stage odyssey. ~ TIME OUT NY

Very funny…90 highly enjoyable minutes, ~ CHICAGO TRIBUNE