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The Gunkelmentary, a Live-streaming Film Event

Monday, October 12 @ 5:00PM

Event Info

This event will be on our Facebook page. Click here for the live-stream, link will become active at 4:45 PM: Jay Gunkelman is an icon in the field of Electroencephalography and Neuroscience. A self-taught EEG technician, Jay has inspired thousands of researchers, clinicians and individuals who have benefited from his profound understanding of the the brain and his teachings on the analysis of brain activity.
The “Gunkelmentary” is a 90-min documentary on Jay’s life and work, which will detail the development of the field of electroencephalography over the last half century along with Jay’s insightful musings on the function of the brain, the history and development of EEG analysis as told through his own experience, testimonies from neuroscience professionals and students alike, and Jay’s personal history and background as a simple tech who emerged as one of the most important teachers of our time in the field of neuroscience. From the early days when EEG was considered an “epiphenomenon,” to the current state of development of applied and clinical neuroscience, Jay’s intellect, insight and unflagging contributions and support for the field reveal the genius within.
This is a FREE Live-streamed event on Facebook with a Q&A interview after the film credits.
Start Times (based on region):
  • 8PM U.S. EDT
  • 7PM U.S. CDT
  • 5PM U.S. PDT

Technical requirements

You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to enjoy your experience. We recommend an internet speed of 50 MBPS and viewing the experience or event on a computer, for an optimal experience.  We recommend having access to a keyboard, for chatting.


This event has passed.

Tickets are no longer available for purchase.

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